The Great Lengths hair extensions application journey is a standard process, ensuring that your finished look will be absolutely perfect and you feel confident in your new investment.

Step 1: Salon Consultation for Great Lengths Extensions

You’ve selected The Salon On The Boulevard as your preferred Great Lengths hair extensions specialist and you’re due for your first appointment. This will be a short consultation to understand the look you want to achieve with hair extensions and your stylist will use the Great Lengths swatch rings to colour match your hair. The consultation is an opportunity for you to ask the questions about the journey, and so you should!

You should feel confident in the Great Lengths hair that’s been recommended for you in your first appointment. Your stylist will quote you on the recommended Great Lengths product and application, take a deposit to secure your application appointment, and you’ll set a date for your application. Here’s to fuller, longer, fade-free hair!

Step 2: Application Day

It’s the big day… Happy application day! Your hair extensions will be prepared, ready and waiting.

Your hair will be washed, dried and your stylist with then commence with applying the Great Lengths extensions. Once the extensions have been applied, it’s important you leave with a natural look! Your Great Lengths extensions arrive with 3cm extra length so your stylist can trim and ‘blend in’ the extensions to achieve a natural look. No length is lost in this final, important step.

How long does the application appointment take? Anywhere from two to four hours, it’s completely dependent on the number of hair extensions applied and how much blending needs to be done.

Step 3: Hair Extension Check-Up

It is highly recommended to book a Check-Up appointment at The Salon approximately 2 weeks after your application. We want to know that your extensions have settled and feel comfortable. The Check-Up is also your opportunity to as questions or raise any concerns you may have. We’re here to help and our goal is to look after your hair, always!

Interested in Great Lengths hair extensions? Contact The Salon on the Boulevard for more information and a consultation, or dive into the world of Great Lengths Australia.